• Greeting
Welcome to the Korean Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Counseling Association! Thank you very much for your interest in NLP.
It has been 20 years since NLP was introduced in Korea. Throughout this time, many have experienced the excellence and effectiveness of NLP techniques. Now, the use of NLP spans across many fields including coaching, corporate training, academic education, sports, sales, medicine, counseling, and psychotherapy. Since its inception in 2003, the Korean NLP Counseling Association has been furthering NLP theory and techniques through the development of competent experts. These efforts will contribute to advancement in the NLP field and ultimately to the happiness of all those benefiting from the positive power of NLP.

NLP has become a global tool for human change, growth, and happiness. It is a very specific and experiential way of dealing with individual behaviors/emotions as well as beliefs and identities. Based on the first generation awareness theory, the second generation Somatic methodology, and third generation field theory, the diverse techniques of NLP provide an excellent approach to realizing human potential. Borrowing from an array of constantly evolving disciplines, NLP is truly a tool that all people can learn and implement in a short period of time.

Counselors applying NLP techniques find happiness for themselves, their patients, and their communities. Furthermore, as a member of the Korean NLP Counseling Association, we are here to work for you! From developing programs to conducting research, we will do our best to support our members' growth and development. As a professional counselor, I hope you will join us in promoting a happy and healthy life for all!

Wishing happiness and peace upon you and your family,
Seog Jei , Cho
President, Korean NLP Counseling Association