• History

History (NLP in Korea and Korea NLP Counseling Association's history)

2018. 01. 01 Inauguration of the 8th President Cho, Seog Jei (NLP Trainer)
2015. 01. 01 Inauguration of the 7th President Yi, Sung Yup (NLP Master Trainer / Professor, Ajou University)
2014. 01. 01 Inauguration of the 6th President Park, Jung Eun (NLP Trainer / Professor, Suwon University)
2012. 01. 01 Inauguration of the 5th President Park, Ui Soon (NLP Trainer / Institution Maeum)
2007. 12 Inauguration of the 4th President Shin, Sun In (NLP Trainer / Daegu University)
2007. 08 New 3supervisors and 21 first-class professional counselors.
2007. 01 Inauguration of the 3rd President Eum, Jung ja
2005. 08 Members who have completed the NLP course get the 2nd grade qualification of 'Counseling Society of Korea'
2005. 01 Inauguration of the 2nd President Kim, Hyun jae
2003. 09 'Korean NLP counseling Association' was invited to Korea counseling association Inauguration of the 1st President Chun, kyung sook
2003. 06 The first 12 Master practitioner in Korea.
2000. 06 The first internationally recognized practitioner who has completed 160 hours of practitioner course
1996 We have organized research meetings with professors, graduate students, and clinical specialists who have received NLP basic education.
1995 Opened 'NLP Psychological Strategy Researcher', the first NLP educational institution in Korea.
1990 Professor Kyung-Suk Jeon, a US clinical psychologist and NLP trainer supervisor who returned to Korea as a visiting professor at Soongsil University, is a member of the Korean Psychological Association, the Counseling and Psychotherapy Association, the College Counseling Society, the Annual Conference of the Psychological Welfare Society and the Catholic Priesthood Association, Introducing NLP to Korea through
1970 NLP was founded by Richard Bandler, a psychologist and information communication expert, and John Grinder, a professor of linguistics at the University of California,